Our clients include…

34.1.1979.dPre-married couples: Let’s establish great relational patterns early.

Re-married couples: don’t let hurts from the past infect the present.

Unhappy couples: let’s figure out what went wrong and correct it.

Conflicted couples: conflict doesn’t mean you’re bad; it means you’re alive.

Cohabiting couples: let’s figure out what’s next.

Self employed couples: separating work and home isn’t easy but can be done.

Estranged couples: if there’s any spark left let’s try to reignite it.

Stressed couples: if we can’t reduce your stressors, let’s increase your resiliency.

Angry couples: let a professional “anger-ologist” help you simmer down and communicate.

Couples nuked by infidelity and betrayal: over fifty percent of the couples in our practice 34. 1979.cwho’ve been hurt by an affair pull through. Let us help you be one of the successful ones.

Ex-couples working on modifying their co-parenting plan: Erik does not give legal advice but helps couples craft their own Parenting Plan to be reviewed by the court.

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