Retirement Looms: June 30, 2018

It is with mixed emotions that I announce my last day in the office will be June 30, 2018, just before my 66th birthday. This means I’m no longer accepting new clients; existing clients (past and present) will have access to me until June 30.

It’s been a privilege and honor to serve as coach, conflict mediator, and counselor to so many teens, individuals, couples, and families these past twenty years. What started as an uncertain adventure grew into a career that I’ve dearly loved. My clients have been my teachers in so many ways. Their resilience, fortitude, courage, and willingness to do hard personal work has never ceased to inspire and encourage me.

My guy friends and I often joke about how we’ll spend our “third third,” that is, the years from sixty to ninety. Should I be blessed to live that long, that means I’ve only got 24 years to complete my 124 year “to do” list. That list includes literary and artistic pursuits, spiffing up my blog, nailing this Mail Chimp program once and for all, making two decades of informational hand outs available on line (about 400 pages), drawing, and being an active grandpa.

I think it was Erik Erickson who talked about “generativity” in one’s old age. This is reflected in one’s passion to generate positive changes that help others. Even though I won’t be seeing clients face to face I hope to generate (and share on line) helpful books, posters, graphic novels, cartoons, caricatures, and other products that foster peace on earth and good will toward all.

I don’t golf, have no plans to travel, but do have a zillion projects I’m eager to give myself to. Please stay tuned for what’s to come in my “third third.”





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