Free Stress-Test Decision Tree

Here’s a handy-dandy decision tree poster designed to give stressed folks several ways to de-stress. Click here for a free, readable(!), downloadable .pdf……Proverbs Stress Test Decision Tree.

Why do I add Proverbs to my writings? Ancient philosophers helped people manage stress with maxims, sayings, quips, and quotes. Things like, “Know thyself,” or “In everything moderation.” The philosophers’ students would then write down those sayings and repeat them throughout the day; thus they’d transform ingrained thinking habits. Modern counselors do the same: cognitive behavioral therapists challenge clients to change their thinking by quoting affirmations, tell themselves new stories, and “think about thinking” in order to channel their synapses into new pathways.

Ancient Greek philosophers were’t the only teachers who used that method. Hebrew sages used the same technique; they wrote down Proverbs (sayings, quips, and quotes) and by repetition their students would transform their thinking. I add a few cartoons here and there to enhance the therapeutic wisdom of the ancient sages. Enjoy!

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Note: I’ll be out of the office until May 18th 2017 and won’t be able to fulfill orders until my return. Until then, click Proverbs Stress Test Decision Tree for that free .pdf.

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