Sleep Tips From A to ZZZZZ (1 of 9)


Humans spend about one third of their lives sleeping and 10% (or more!) of those suffer from sleep disorders. It is therefore worth thinking about sleep.

Untreated sleep disorders are serious because sleep deprivation:

  1. is responsible for disasters like automobile accidents, the Exxon oil spill, Three Mile Island, railroad crashes.
  2. contributes to loss of sense of humor, lack of motivation, indecisiveness, and cognitive impairment.
  3. robs us of resiliency; we get more irritable than usual.
  4. makes it hard to concentrate. Foggy thinking is a real problem for students and especially if being alert is part of your job.
  5. leads to decreased daytime energy, sighing, and the common complaint, “I’m so tired!”
  6. leads to depression and depression leads to sleeplessness. Depression could be the body’s way of saying, “I need to manage my energy-restoring sleep better!”
  7. leads to alcohol abuse, especially when used as a sleeping aid.

Getting a good night’s sleep involves:

  1. biology (getting our brain chemicals in balance)
  2. sociology (matching our circadian rhythms with our rock around the clock society)
  3. psychology (off loading stress and anxiety)
  4. nutrition (digestion and stimulants affect sleep)
  5. the environment (dealing with noisy dogs, fussy babies, lumpy mattresses)
  6. economics (juggling jet lag and shift work)
  7. couple’s mediation (when snoring, twitching, and tossing and turning drive you crazy).

Early in my career I noticed how often disputants in mediation meetings yawned. Tiredness was so common among my clients I took extra classes, read extra books, spent the night wired up in a sleep clinic, and learned as much as I could on how to help people enjoy better sleep hygiene. For the next eight days we’ll look at the highlights of my research.

Day Two: Are You Sleep Deprived?
Day Three: Why Can’t I Fall/Stay Asleep?
Day Four: Are There Any Benefits to Sleeplessness?
Day Five: How to Improve Your Sleep Hygiene
Day Six: Sleep and Marriage
Day Seven: Why Do We Resist Rest?
Day Eight: Hints on Shift Work
Day Nine: Free Sleeping Aid

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