Free Sleeping Aid (Sleep Tip 9 of 9)


Because cognitive therapy gets the best results and is scientifically validated as one of the most effective treatment protocols around, I love helping people identify their distorted cognitions and replace them with positive mood enhancing affirmations. For the spiritually minded religious texts often fit the bill nicely.

Poke around the Bible long enough and you’ll discover some interesting things about sleep. I’ve compiled 40 of those interesting things and put them into this “build it yourself” adjustable round chart called, SPINsomnia. On side one we learn 20 things that remove wakefulness and on side two 20 things that induce sleepiness.

To download the template for SPINsomnia click  here: SPINsomniaTo download a one page “assembly instruction page” click Wheel Assembly Page.

To understand my fascination with adjustable round charts (also knows as “spinny things,” “wheely things,” and “volvelles”) click HERE and here: Circular Reasoning.

Pleasant dreams!

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COMING ATTRACTIONS: The Alcoholic Spouse, Depression, and more. Stay tuned!


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