Would You Take Relationship Advice from an Ancient Sage?

The ancient book of Proverbial wisdom in the Hebrew Scriptures includes a surprising number of positive results when couples are securely attached. These include “blessed,” “consistent,” “content,” and 27 others. In this whimsical yet visually engaging poster, marriage therapist and cartoonist Erik Johnson provides an appealing info-graphic hoping to help couples know what to aim for in their relationship.

Here is a link to see the entire poster….

30 Proverbs on Love and Marriage Poster.


An Envy Reduction Affirmation (7 of 7)


The power of positive affirmations has an honorable role in the history of personal change. I have the privilege of working with athletes, musicians, and public speakers who, before a performance, find great comfort in quoting inspirational sayings.

Here’s an affirmation from ancient wisdom literature, “A heart at peace gives life to the body but envy rots the bones.”

Don’t let the source of this quote deter you from gleaning its benefit. It’s old and appears in the Hebrew scriptures (Proverbs 14:30). Yet who can disagree that the state of one’s psyche (heart) determines the quality of one’s life? If our inner world is serene, content, and mindful (at peace), our body benefits. But if our inner world is wracked with consternation, unfavorable comparisons, and longing for that which is beyond our reach (envy) we’ll suffer ulcers, insomnia, and all manner of psychosomatic illnesses.

I once tried to turn this affirmation into a bumper sticker. It needs work but here it is.

Envy, affirmation, Proverbs

Thanks for taking this envy journey with me. Upcoming topics include: “When life gives you lemons,” “Toughening exercises for the hyper-sensitive,” “Hoarding,” and “Creativity.”